An historically important landmark building

A two year renovation


School Master's House and the adjacent Old College have recently been subject to a painstaking 2 year renovation project.

Jennifer Lewin as Lead Architect

Richard Glover as Conservation Surveyor

Agincourt Contractors as Lead Conservation Contractors

300 years of history 


"One of the finest buildings in the town is undoubtedly The Old College, which is situated on the corner of Ramshill and College Street. It was built during the 1720s and completed in 1729 when Richard Churcher bequeathed money to build a school to suppot local boys*":  There are many history books on the building, but the best summary can be found in a book on College Street published by Petersfield Historic Society and U3AA. Available here.

*Petersfield Historic Society, 1987


Picuture Credits: Agincourt Contractors Limited. Jennifer Lewin. The Petersfield Museum, Petersfield Map 1868